Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pattern review: McCall's 6781

Joann's had a super sale on patterns.  75 cents each for Mccalls patterns!  Wow!  I am not a big fan of them, because they're always a bit like reading a foreign language and you can't just follow them step by step, but for that price I folded.  Plus, I had some really cute corduroy in my stash that was begging to be used.  I sewed up a tunic in a size 2 with a little extra length (although I had to shorten the sleeves a little). 


Here are some more details on the pattern: 

Pattern:  McCall's 6781.  I sewed up view c. 

Size I sewed:  Size 2, but added an inch in length, and shortened the sleeves slightly.  Still a little big even though the size chart said I should sew a 2. 

Material used:  Corduroy from Joann's (Maybe part of their doodles collection?  I think I've seen it there lately) and muslin for the contrast (bad choice there, but it was in my stash and it worked). 

Notions needed:  A zipper, and I added buttons on the front for cuteness. 

Appropriately rated:  No.  It said it was easy, but the pattern called for a lot of handsewing, and it had a zipper with very little explanation of how to put it in.  Maybe I'm just annoyed because it was my first zipper and it didn't turn out very well, but I wouldn't call it easy.  Certainly not fast. 

Time to make it:  Including cutting it out, it probably took 8 hours altogether, but I'm pretty slow. 

 Comments:  I swear, whoever wrote the pattern didn't actually sew it.  I think I'll sew it again, but I'll sew the one with the square neck, and use a smaller seam allowance in order to make sewing on the sleeves a little easier.  The pattern doesn't mention that the sleeves need to be gathered a little in order to fit (maybe that was my fault, though).   For the price, I would recommend it with reservations, but not to a beginner. 

Hope this helps!  Happy sewing!