Tuesday, May 24, 2016

KCW City Gym Shorts in french terry

KCW snuck up on me! I've been in a bit of sewing slump lately, and so far this week is just what I've needed to get my sewing mojo back.

I've been searching for cute knit shorts patterns (last year's attempt at modifying the Ananda pants pattern fit funny) and stumbled across the City Gym Shorts, a free pattern by Purl Soho. Which was funny, because they were already downloaded onto my computer. Before rediscovering them, I was considering buying the Prefontaine shorts pattern.

Seriously funny pose. Glad I accidentally put her in a tummy shirt.
I couldn't find any knit kids editions on the interwebs, so I winged it. I used a wonderfully soft french terry from Raspberry Creek Fabric (similar one here) for the body and this cotton/spandex jersey for the binding. I cut the binding 1 3/4", stitched it to the front, wrapped it to the back and stitched in the ditch (I was out of out of matching thread or I would have sewn on the binding instead of stitching in the ditch). The bow is just extra binding sewn on, not a functional drawstring.

The new growth is so soft, Momma!
At first Stella thought they looked a little crazy, then she warmed up to them. I LOVE them. Like I really don't want her to wear and destroy them, like she's apt to. The little terrorist.

It passed the buttcrack test.
The pattern was really terrific, especially for a free pattern. I can't wait to make the adult version, although I really don't need another pair of around the house shorts!

Picnic lunch pb&j frozen waffles.
Charlotte also wanted to strike a pose. Not sure what this pose is, but it's what she struck.
 Off to do more sewing! This time woven City Gym Shorts for the girls.