Sunday, August 9, 2015

Skirting the issue

Simple Simon and Company holds an awesome blogosphere-wide event in July called Skirting the Issue where sewists make and donate skirts for foster kids. I finally participated this year with two Oliver + s music class skirts. I've had the pattern for awhile (bought for the shirt), but haven't sewn the skirt because it's not twirly. Alas, skirts and dresses that aren't twirly are rejected around here. It was great to get the chance to sew it! The corduroy I used (from Joann's) worked great.

(I think I need to clean my lens.)
I knew I wanted to sew a couple skirts, but I really struggled with deciding what to make. I wanted to make sure whatever I made looked professional and would be something a girl would want to wear. So I thought about it for about a month, and finally started cutting and sewing the last couple days of July.

Love the side pocket!

Hey, I remembered to put a size tag in this one!
Melissa from Melly Sews has put together this round up of sewing related charitable organizations, because sewing for charity feels fantastic and shouldn't be limited to sewing skirts in July (or August)!

In non-sewing related business, summer has been fantastic. I'm officially a registered nurse, and will start my new job in a just a couple weeks. Nursing school was three very long years, but it's over!

The girls are wonderful, and awful. Thankfully, Stella's pulling into a better stretch with more obedience and less constant whining, and is always so fun. It's good, because Charlotte is starting to be less fun and more willful. She surprises me with her helpfulness, though. I can usually distract her by giving her a task. Which is awesome.

Charlotte LOVES her some fresh corn on the cob.

Stella is so beautiful! (And she got glasses in May.) 
Charlotte is also so beautiful :)

They are pretending there are baby kitties under the stool. They play together so well and their imaginations are fantastic!

Here Stella is showing me one of her baby kitties. So sweet.

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