Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pattern review: Jalie 3350 (girls)

Stella needed a new swimsuit this summer, mostly because she only has one and she has a penchant for ruining clothes. This one, however, is dirt colored, so she will have a harder time trashing it. Plus, it was made using a pattern I won in a giveaway, and fabric I wasn't in love with. Best of all, she really likes it! Win all around. 
With her sidekick Blue, who likes to be in all the photos.


Pattern: Jalie 3350 (view B)

Sizing: It was a bit tight! Stella's measurements fell in between two sizes so I went with the larger size (I/5) and added 1" to the height, but it still barely fits. I'm glad I have another girl who can wear it next year! I will definitely size up a bit more next time.

Material used: Swimsuit fabric from The Fabric Fairy (similar here). I've bought swimsuit material twice from The Fabric Fairy and it's been good stuff both times. Their selection is fantastic and they have matched prints with solids for me before.

Notions needed: 3/8" swimwear elastic, swimsuit lining, wooly nylon for bobbin (not required, but gives the seam more stretch).

Appropriately rated: I couldn't find a rating. I would call it an adventurous beginner/intermediate. Maybe not your first swimsuit attempt.

Time spent: An evening of tracing and cutting (so many pieces!) and a long afternoon of sewing.

Construction/instructions: I used my sewing machine with wooly nylon in the bobbin for most of construction, and serger with wooly nylon in the loopers for side seams. The instructions were good, although it was my first Jalie pattern and a bit hard to get used to with instructions in English on one side, French on the other and diagrams in the middle. The instructions were complete, although gathering under the bust was not needed for the smaller sizes and an unnecessary step.

Modifications: None. 

Comments: This made a very cute swimsuit. I really like the twist-front detail. It is comfortable (per Stella) and while it looks like the shoulder strap is falling off her shoulders, it really wasn't. With two very different views and sizes ranging from toddler girl to plus-size woman, we'll get a lot of use out of this pattern.


Charlotte was wearing the first swimsuit I made in the above photos, a Peek-a-boo patterns Nantucket swimsuit. Stella turned the water on her in the last photo and Charlotte didn't find it funny (Stella and I kind of did)!