Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hearts for FrancesSuzanne

Here is a top for Stella to wear to preschool this Fall (that was long time in the making).

I got the pattern a couple years ago on sale, but didn't make it because I was afraid of knits and the fit issues I often have with McCall's patterns.

But, I've gotten over my fear of knits and it landed on my Fall sewing wish list. Next came fabric choice, and after much waffling, I remembered this polka dot ponte de roma from Girl Charlee I bought a year ago. Unlike the other pontes I've sewn with from them, this is nice stuff and feels like it will hold up well.

The top sewed up quickly and fit well (and I'll admit I didn't read the instructions so I can't comment on them), but it needed more. I had wanted so badly to participate in August's Project Run and Play, but didn't get the chance. And then I read Ashley and Emily's (of Frances Suzanne) tragic news and my heart has been aching for them. So I appliqued hearts onto the top.

The embroidery isn't up to FrancesSuzanne standards, but it's my first attempt at anything like this. I've no idea if I did it right, but while I worked, I thought and prayed for those three little girls, their momma and their aunts. These hearts are for them.

She wanted me to take a picture of the hearts so she's sticking out her chest :)

It's strange how we get to know each other in the blogging community by reading each others' posts. I appreciate the honesty with which bloggers share their lives, but sometimes I feel like I'm watching through a living room window. Like I'm invading their privacy. But as I sat and cried through Ashley and Emily's post, it felt nothing like that. It felt like someone in my community suffered a massive loss. Three little girls lost their dad, a wife lost her husband. I'm glad that the blogging community could offer support and send up prayers on their behalf. I'm so glad I have the chance to offer my support and prayer, even though I've never met them, and am all the way out in Oregon.

Details on shirt:
- Pattern: McCall's 6785 view A (only modification was unintended - I made the hood double-layered because that's how the Bimaa is and I didn't read the instructions on this one. Whoops.) I made a size 3 and don't remember if I added any length for my tall 4 year old with chest/waist/hips measurements of 22"/21"/23".
- Fabric: Ponte de roma from Girl Charlee (out of stock) and Kaufman Laguna Cotton Jersey knit in Cherry (accent)
- Pellon (Ek130 Easy-Knit) knit fusible interfacing on applique
- Black DMC embroidery thread (I used 3 strands)

They both wanted to show their ponytails.