Sunday, April 19, 2015

I made something for myself!

This is the first item of clothing I've made for myself that fits and I actually like and wear!

I bought the Sew Simple Leggings by So Sew Easy last Fall when Indiesew had a promotion going on. I think they were $2.40 or something like that. Regularly $2.95. Hallelujah! And the instructions are fantastic with all the necessary measurements so you can adapt the pattern to fit your body. There's even a video to make sure you measure the right spots.

(See, good for yoga)
It might be a little strange, but I don't have a full length mirror. If I want to see what my shoes look like with an outfit, I stand on the toilet. So getting pictures of leggings meant pulling out this half mirror that we inherited with the house. Unfortunately, there aren't any good rooms in the house for taking pictures, so you'll have to take my word on it that the leggings look and fit like leggings should.

Flirting with herself and proof the mirror was clean when we started. She's holding the evidence.

Baby yoga is cuter.
I really like the whole leggings look and the comfort of them, but the ones I've bought from big box stores hit me right across my muffin top. I've got a long torso, and my baby leftovers have staked their claim on my belly and love handles. (Dieting would probably help with that, but I really hate dieting.) The extra inches on my belly combined with my skinny butt make pants have to fight for their lives to stay up, and I spend quite a bit of time while jogging janking my pants up. It's frustrating, and I don't need any more hurdles to getting motivated to exercise.

A little rabbit trail about body image -- I'm trying really hard to like my body the way it is. I'd like to lose some weight for the sake of fitting into more of my own clothes, but I'm not spending time doing P90x workout videos like I did after Stella was born. I am trying to fit in exercise when I can, because it's important to be healthy and strong, but I'm not stressing about it. My motivation to improve the way I feel about my body is my children. I want my girls (and any future boys) to have an example of a momma who is comfortable and strong in the body God gave her. Who is fine being an XL. A momma who is not denying herself delicious, nourishing food, or making exercising a priority over family time. I get it if it's someone's chosen self-care, but I already have sewing :)

To try to make pants capable of staying up, I lengthened the rise so they would sit at my waist. It feels funny to wear such high-waisted bottoms not pregnant, but they're so comfy.

Highwaisted, underwear lines and fingerprints.
Sewing workout leggings was one of my sewing goals for 2015 and I actually sewed them on New Year's Eve of 2014. (And they are getting blogged about now. Oh well.) But, the first time out jogging they failed! I didn't make the elastic tight enough. So, I cut a couple holes in the waistband and threaded a spare shoelace through. Now, when I go for a jog I just cinch those suckers up and they don't have a chance of falling down. Then I can loosen them up during non-workout wear so I don't lose feeling in my legs if I sit down.  

I love jogging in these. (Okay, that's a lie. I don't hate jogging as much when I'm wearing these.) It's amazing how much nicer jogging is when I'm not afraid that at any moment I will be mooning people.

Pattern: Sew Simple Leggings by So Sew Easy

Sizing: Really extensive sizing chart and they fit well.

Material used: Performance knit from Joann's. A really nice weight for winter. Warm with a comfy brushed interior, but not hot. These also make an excellent base layer.

Notions needed: Elastic and I added a drawstring

Appropriately rated: Yes. Rated beginner and a great beginner project.

Time spent: Took an hour or so measuring and grading the pattern and then another hour cutting, sewing and adjusting. The next pair will be much quicker.

Modifications: I lengthened the rise and added a drawstring.

Comments: This pattern is great and for the price you can't help but add it to your pattern library!