Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 sewing goals and a 2014 recap

Sooo... it's that time of year to make New Year's resolutions and I'm just not feeling the whole lose weight/get in shape goals I often make. Sewing resolutions? Totally feeling it. During 2014 I accomplished some informal goals I had of sewing with knits, a swimsuit, outerwear, using more of the patterns I already own and sewing more in general. I also tried to sew for myself three times and failed. Three times. Bahh.

Goals for 2015:

(In general, goals should be realistic, specific and measurable, so here goes)

- Make 50% of the girls' clothing
- Make more clothes for myself (specifically, workout leggings and a chambray shirtdress)
- Learn to use the serger

These are more like guidelines:
- Use patterns I already own or free patterns when possible
- Try to use fabric stash first (use two fabrics from stash for every new fabric purchased)
- Explore fabrics beyond quilting cotton

2014 Recap:
So what was my favorite item I sewed this past year?
Maybe this (blogged about here):

Nituna Jacket
 Or this Bimaa (never blogged but well loved):

Or this Nantucket one-piece by peek-a-boo patterns (a swimsuit! Also never blogged about and then it died a gritty death thanks to a dirty lake):

 Or maybe this backpack from the Oliver + s Little things to sew book:

What was Stella's favorite? I didn't ask her because she's asleep, but I'm guessing she'd say this incredibly ridiculous dress (Seriously? What was I thinking. Just because you might think every little girl needs a rainbow dress, doesn't mean every little girl needs a rainbow dress.):

Party dress free pattern by the Cottage Mama

 Or maybe this dress, which was also the most challenging thing I made this year:

Modified fairy tale dress by Oliver + s
Most worn item?
While it's shaping up to be the nituna jacket at the top of the post, this skirt was worn a TON. I think it's because a skirt usually gets pulled on over pants whenever Stella gets the opportunity and this one was marketed to her as pirate-esque. Thanks to Jake and the Neverland Pirates, we went through a big pirate phase this year. I was totally okay with it, because I love this skirt. It was such a happy sew. I made it for Stella to wear for Mother's Day and the colors remind me of Guatemala.

 This is also worn a lot by the little one. It's the perfect weight for chilly winter days.

Lullaby layette jacket and happy Charlotte

So what are your sewing (or non-sewing) goals for 2015?


  1. That hooded bimaa is awesome....coming from someone who LOVES stripes!!! I bet Stella has gotten a LOT of wear out of it!! **And, the nantucket swimsuit....cuteness overload! We've yet to sew a swimsuit, but hope to before 2015 comes to an end :).

    1. Thank you! Swimsuit fabric was surprisingly easy to sew with, you have nothing to fear :)