Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pattern review: Nituna Jacket by Figgy's

Wow! There were a lot of firsts with this project. First time sewing with a sweatshirt knit, first outerwear and ... wait for it ... first welt pockets!

And it fits, and it looks stinkin' adorable. Seriously, she wore this with skinny jeans and boot the other day and I loved it even more. It has a really nice swing shape and just the right length. I like it more and more every time she wears it.

Oh yeah, and the girlie likes it, too. She's still in a wonderful phase where she likes clothing just because I've made it and wants to tell everyone she meets that momma made her dress/shirt/skirt/COAT. Which is awesome, except when she wears the crazy rainbow dress I made her and tells everyone I made it. Then I cringe a little.

Here's the deets on the pattern:

PatternNituna Jacket by Figgy's

Sizing: Measurements fell right in between sizes so I cut between the 2/3 and 4/5 lines and added about an inch in length and it fits just a tad big (I'm okay with that).

Material used: Gray sweatshirt fleece, navy kona, green polka dots and a calico classic all from Joann's.

Notions needed: Four buttons. I was supposed to interface the front placket, but I added a sweatshirt knit lining to the front placket instead. I didn't really want the lining to show if the placket fell open since most of Stella's wardrobe is pink and would clash.

Appropriately rated: I don't think there's a rating. Aside for the welt pockets, I real like an advanced beginner could handle it. The directions are a little sparse, but pictures help.

Time spent: I cut it out a couple months ago, and then spent weeks thinking about how to construct the welt pockets until I had time to tackle them. Once I actually started sewing, it went pretty fast for a jacket. Maybe a week's worth of shorter evenings?

Comments: The hood turned out a little weird as seen in the pictures above. The directions for the welt pockets were laughable. Plus, looking through an Oliver + s tutorial (written by Kristen from skirt as top) showed a backing piece that the pattern didn't have, so I cut one out and didn't look at the directions in the pattern again. Aside for the Oliver + s tutorial, I studied a welt pocket on a jacket I own.

I like the jacket more and more every time she wears it and can see making this pattern up again. I'm glad it goes up to an 8/9 because this would be really cute on an older girl, too.

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