Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pattern review: Sally dress by very shannon

Hi there! 

So, awhile ago (over a year) I bought a Sew Fab pattern bundle.  It had a bunch of patterns and I thought I would potentially make 10 of them, so it was worth the money.  Guess how many I've sewn?  Three!  This one included.  Apparently, I should not buy pattern bundles.  However, I do have several more of the patterns printed thanks to print credits at school and a scirocco dress actually cut out.  That practically makes four.  Three and a half? 

I ended up loving this dress so much that Stella wore it for family pictures with Marci (the best family photographer in the Willamette Valley), so I have awesome pictures to share!  Except, they are focused on the girlie in the dress, not the dress itself.  Now for gratuitous pictures. 



The little one would NOT cooperate with some smiles.  She was in the process of cutting five teeth in a couple weeks, so I can't blame her too much.
Anywho, on to the pattern review!

PatternSally Dress by Very Shannon

Sizing:  Spot on.  I sewed a 2T adding several inches in length based on the size chart and it fits just right.  I was worried the shoulders wouldn't stay on put, but they did. 

Material used:   1 yard of a quilting cotton clearance find at Joann's.  It was $2 a yard after discounts!  Sweet!  There was only a little over 2 yards on the bolt or else I would have bought way too much.  Except I couldn't have had too much of this fabric. You can't tell how amazing it is from the pictures so you'll have to trust me. For the pockets I used some scraps of chambray and hot pink shiny satin (also from JoAnn's). 

Notions needed:  None!

Appropriately rated:  It's rated advanced beginner/intermediate and I think it might be a little easier than that.  I didn't sew the sleeves, though, so maybe that's the difference. 

Time spent:  Not long.  1 1/2 short evenings and a little work in between chasing children. 

Comments:  I really like how the dress turned out.  Really cute!  And I love how quickly it slips on and off.  There aren't a lot of options in the pattern, besides for sleeves/sleeveless, but I got a great price.  I do have a couple things I'd do differently next time.  1) Prep the bodice by basting a 1/2" guideline around the armholes and the outer bodice waistline to help with pressing.  The armholes were really frustrating, and I'd basted a 1/2" guideline in advance it could have been easy.  2) Finish the bottom of the pockets.  Because of the bulk, the pockets were only turned under once on the hem.  So, the whole dress has beautifully hidden raw edges (I used French seams for the skirt, a first for me) except for the pockets.  Oh well. 

The pattern was fun and different.  The directions were clear and pretty complete.  With adding in the basting, I'd recommend it. 


  1. Your daughter is so lovely and SHOULD be the focus of the photos. =) You can tell she loves the dress as well and is comfortable in it...which is a must with little ones.

    I appreciate your comments and things you liked and would change for next time. It is so very helpful.

    1. Thank you! I find myself searching for pattern reviews before trying new patterns, and I always appreciate the tips.