Friday, July 20, 2012

Tragedy in Colorado

If you didn't see any news today, there was a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and 12 people died last night at midnight.  58 more were injured.  How can a person do that?  I have so many questions about how and why this happened, but I want to focus on just one.

What can I do to keep this from happening again?

Am I showing the love of God in all my interactions?  None of the people I have relationships with are capable of anything like this, but who knows how many people I walk by in the grocery store have thought about shooting into a crowd.  I have a brief chance to make a tiny difference in their day.  The next time I'm in a bad mood or want to scowl at a stranger or simply ignore them, I will try not to.  Not in fear that they will shoot me, but to try to show them a little love.  As my little girl grows up, I'll try to teach her to do the same.  We pray with her every day at bedtime, and I always pray that she will be happy and healthy, but most of all love God.  If you love God, you'll love others.  Even when it's hard. 

That's all I have to say about it tonight.

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