Friday, September 21, 2012

first favorite friday

Fiona bra from Moving Comfort

So I found the space heater!  Yippee!  It's starting to get chilly at nights here and we currently don't have any kind of a heating system.  Yep.  No fun.  We have a fireplace waiting for a new cap, and we're getting bids to replace a broken oil furnace.  Oh, the joys of home ownership.  On to favorite Friday --

From the GIANT sports bra picture did you guess it?  One of my favorite products is my sports bra.  I was never very impressed by the sports bras you buy for fifteen or twenty bucks; and the slightly more expensive ones from Nike and Adidas just smash your boobs and make it hard to breath.  Then I read an article somewhere about the importance of a good sports bra because all that annoying and painful jiggling stretches the ligaments out and causes permanent saggage.  Scary stuff, I know.  I wish I would have read that article when I was playing sports in high school.  Moving Comfort was a recommended brand and REI had them in stock to try on, so off I went on a bra hunt.  I jumped and ran in place in the fitting room (yes, I felt silly) and the girls moved with me! And they stopped moving when the rest of me stopped!  Success!  I love this sports bra, I've bought several over the last few years, and will buy more.  You definitely want to try them on before buying and REI and Five Star Sports carries them in stock in the Eugene/Corvallis area.  I've noticed them in more and more stores though, so let me know if you find them elsewhere. 

A couple features I like:
-hook and eye closure in the back allows for the perfect fit
-straps adjust with velcro in the front allowing for easy adjustments on the go (and handy for breastfeeding)
-the fabric doesn't loosen up if you wear them a few times before washing them or over time
-they come in actual bra sizes (the website lists them in B-DD in most band sizes)

Keep in mind that my first one shrunk about an inch around the band when I dried it in the dryer, so now I line dry them.  I could buy a size bigger, but that might make me feel bad about my body.  That's the opposite of what I'm attempting with exercise.  

If you're happy with your current sports bra, then I'm sorry I took your time.  But if you're like I was and the pain caused by your untamed breasts is just one more reason to avoid jogging, then you might try this bra out.

That's all for now! 

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