Sunday, September 23, 2012

make sumthin' sunday - shopping cart cover

(I made and wrote this a couple months ago, I just kept on forgetting to take a picture of it.  Oops!)

Shopping cart / High chair cover

This has been on my short list of projects ever since Fuzz got hand, foot and mouth disease after grocery shopping.  The month before that it was fifth disease!  I'm glad she's getting these diseases now while her immune system is working so well, but I could use a break.  Especially since my immune system is a little rundown from a year (plus the last trimester of pregnancy) without eight solid hours of sleep (update-I often get eight hours of sleep now, finally), and I keep catching everything she gets.  I thought I'd miss out on the fifth disease since I had it in first grade, but sadly, I was wrong.  Maybe protecting Fuzz from shopping carts and restaurant high chairs will help!

The finished product -- no smiles for the camera today!

I used a couple tutorials.  Mostly this one from sewing chick studio, but also this one from lil blue boo.  It's two layers of fabric -- corduroy next to the shopping cart for durability and fleece next to Fuzz for cushiness.  I also made the pockets out of the corduroy for contrast.  I really liked the fleece (from Joann's), and the corduroy has been in my stash for awhile (originally stolen from my mom's stash -- it's probably from the early '80s).  Don't worry, I'll still have enough of the corduroy to make these pants from Shwin & Shwin for Fuzz when she's a little older.

The cover does its job well, and is easily big enough for any cart.   It was a fast project and I think there would be room for a couple more leg holes if I wanted it to fit two kiddos like you can in those big Costco carts.  Of course, then I should probably get another kid and a Costco membership.  I'll get right on that.  I added a large elasticized pocket for toys and a smaller pocket for cheerios along with a couple loops out of bias tape for more toys. 

Both of the tutorials were good.  The only changes I made were bias tape around the leg holes because I didn't have any foldover elastic, and 1/2" elastic around the top (because that's what I had).  If I make another one for a shower gift, the only thing I would change is making the leg holes an inch or so shorter and the pockets shorter so they could be more functional.  As they are they sit on the handle, and I haven't taken the time to fix them.  Honestly, I probably won't. Oh well.  Fuzz can still get her hand into the snack pocket.  All things considered, I love it.  I spent less money on it than if I had bought one on sale, it's unique and should last awhile! 

What did you make lately?  This week I plan on tailoring some scrubs to fit me a little better, so nothing to write home about.  Have fun being creative this week!

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