Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm baaack...

It's been awhile!  I took a little break (okay, a really long break) from blogging because our family was a little busy.  Were you wondering what we've been up to?  (I hope not, that'd be a little weird.)  Well, Fuzz and I took a trip up to Washington to visit Gramma, Grandpa and lots more family.  There was a lot of water balloon throwing and squirt gun fun instigated by Gramma.  Fuzz had her first otter pop and took her first steps while we were there, too.  Then a couple weeks later we went up to Wallowa Lake for a family reunion.  The area is beautiful, and if you go, take the gondola ride up to the top of the mountain.  The views were awe-inspiring.
She did not care for otter pops!
The view from the top of the gondola ride.  Me, Fuzz, Brian and Gramma Bev

There were a couple of very tame bucks
Fuzz and her cousin celebrated their first birthdays!

Then we bought a house, had another birthday party (cooked entirely at the old house and transported to the new house), moved, rented our old house, got a new cat, oh, and I started nursing school.  We were busy.  Normally, I have a few balls in the air at the same time, but I was on borderline crisis mode for the last month.  The kind of busy where when someone asked me a simple question it took a full five seconds to get to the answer because there was so much going on in my head.  Lots just didn't get done, including blogging.  But I did think about it, and one of the things I decided was I'm going to start a little bit of a schedule.  That way, a couple weeks (or months) won't go by without blogging.  Here is my new tentative schedule:

Make Somethin' Sunday- might be a project for Fuzz (who, by the way, is almost running now) or a house project!

Medical Monday- I'll bore you with something I learned in class that I found interesting.  I can tell my husband will love this.

Favorite Friday- A quick post about something I LOVE.  Might be a product, method, plant -- who knows.

Sound good?  I'm not promising I'll have three posts every week, but hopefully I'll get close!  I'm going to unpack a couple boxes now looking for the space heater (don't ask), but maybe I'll even get a Favorite Friday post up tonight.  

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