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Pattern review: Banyan shorts by Figgy's

Let me say, I love how these shorts turned out. They are perfectly what I wanted and there's a working zip fly! Woot woot! Check another skill off my imaginary sewing skills I've been avoiding list (I also recently checked off double needle so there's that).

I love the style of Figgy's patterns. This is the fourth I've sewn (Nituna jacket, Sunki dress, unblogged Scirocco). So... I should know by now not to rely on instructions in a Figgy's pattern to learn a new skill. Sigh. The additional instructions on the blog weren't helpful either. The zip fly was rough and required ripping out stitches and googling "how to install a fly zipper". I ended up following the instructions on the Ginger Jeans sewalong from Closet Case Files and they were so much easier to follow. And it looks great and works!

Also, I'm not sure if I was just supposed to pleat the front pleats like the diagram indicated or sew on the markings as per the written instructions (it looks like bloggers have done it both ways and they're both cute). I figured I would sew them as instructed and rip out the stitches if it looked funny. I'm on the fence.

(Update: I ripped out the stitches so now they're pleats and fit better. I'm 90% sure they are actually supposed to be pleats.)

I totally put the bum pocket on the wrong side. Ergh. If it bothers me too much I actually cut out two and I might just add another.

Check out that frog peeking from the pocket. So darn cute. I couldn't resist adding this fabric to my last order from Urban Sew. It was on sale after all, and you get free shipping once you get to $100.

PatternBanyan Pants and Shorts by Figgy's

Sizing: Since the other Figgy's patterns I've made run a bit wide and I'd like these shorts to fit now, I sewed up a 2/3 (which was about where Stella's measurements put her anyway) with no modifications. They fit! I also have the failsafe of another little girl not much smaller than Stella if they were too small.

Material used: Twill from Joann's Fabric bought for another project I never got to.

Notions needed: Interfacing (medium weight was overkill but I was out of anything more lightweight), a zipper (leave the bottom stop intact and cut the excess off the top unlike me so you don't have the end of a zipper sticking out. I'll probably cover that with some fabric.), 3/4" elastic (not 1" as listed in the supply list) and a button or snap.

The inside of the fly.
Appropriately rated: No rating, but I would say intermediate with ability to google more instructions or previous experience with fly zippers.

Time spent: A couple hours cutting and taping pattern pieces (which went well, I always appreciate that) and cutting fabric. A couple evenings figuring out the instructions and a looong afternoon (I really wanted to get them done).

Modifications: I topstitched the side seams. It seemed right. As with many Figgy's patterns, the finishing instructions left much to be desired and I often guessed at when and how to finish seams. A few places that I felt it imperative to finish seams without any directions to do so were the pocket (I pinked the edges), the zip flap (finish before topstitching, but before starting the zipper would be ideal), and where the cuff attached to the pants (I trimmed it first).

Comments: I would absolutely recommend this pattern based on the finished product, but with the reservation that the instructions will leave you guessing and doing it differently at times. (The waistband?! I'm pretty sure I didn't do that as intended.) This would be a bad beginner project.

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