Thursday, June 25, 2015

First dress for me!

Pattern: Myrtle dress by Colette Patterns

Sizing: I sewed an x-large and it fit like it was supposed to.

On our kid-free trip to Olympic Peninsula and Victoria.
 Material used: Jersey (maybe with rayon in it?) from Girl Charlee Fabrics (looks like it's finally gone!). It was slightly flawed and I got three yards for $3/yard. Since I made both girls skirts from the leftovers, that means I got a dress for me and two little girls skirts for $9 plus the cost of the pattern which was on sale for 30% off.

Notions needed: Elastic for the waist. I used 1/2" elastic instead of the recommended 1" elastic and like the look better.

Appropriately rated: Yes. Rated beginner.

Time spent: It was actually pretty quick. Just a couple hours, then I waited until the day I wanted to wear it to hem and finish it. It just wasn't exciting enough to have it ready to go.

Modifications: Used 1/2" elastic instead of 1" elastic in waistband. I didn't make a muslin, but next time I will try to prevent the upper back from gapping by taking out a wedge, and try to make the shoulders more narrow.

Comments: I had a completely different idea of what this dress would look like. It was pretty disappointing when I initially tried on the bodice, I thought it would be more form fitting! So I went back and looked at the pictures better on the Colette website and the blogosphere and the idea I had in my head was totally wrong. After it was all done and my idea had adjusted, I liked how it looked.

Totally tried for some subtle waist-whittling with switching the directions of the triangles.
I think eating less ice cream would work better.
And those are all the photos I got! Maybe after a couple more articles of clothing I'll become more comfortable with modeling :)

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