Tuesday, June 30, 2015

KCW Wrap-up

This was the first KCW I've been able to participate in. It was productive! Most days I spent much more than an hour, but a couple days I just spent an hour. It was a bit disheartening at first because 4 of the 5 pairs of pants had issues. But they were worked out and lessons learned for next time.

The theme this season was "traveling". The only way I followed it was by sewing only comfy clothes!

Days 1 and 2: Cut out and sewed five pairs pants. Three Go To Leggings (shorties in same fabric as capris not pictured), capri length and modified shorts Ananda Pants.

Capri length with calf cut out option in size 4T. The cut-outs would not be even! I have some running capris out of the same fabric and Stella has been asking for some so I was happy to oblige.

Full length leggings in size 12 mo width, 2T length (with even more width taken out for my skinny legged girl).

Capri length Ananda pants in size 4T. (This is the 4th pair of these pants I've made, and I love them! I got the pattern as part of a bundle and it's wonderful.)

Ananda pants cut in shorts length with regular waistband (next time I make this modification I need to remember to trim down the height of the shorts by an inch or so as they ended up quite high-waisted). I'm still deciding whether I'll hem them or not.

Fabric: Black ponte de roma from Urban Sew, pink tonal jersey and teal ponte de roma from Girl Charlee (not there anymore), heathered teal performance knit from Jo-Ann's, purple ribbing from    Jo-Ann's

(Side  note: I love Urban Sew! I emailed them to ask about the quality of their ponte because I was so disappointed by the quality of the stuff I got from Girl Charlee, and they offered to send me swatches for free. I got the charcoal, black and white and washed and dried them with every load of laundry for a couple weeks and they were great! They aren't quite as soft as the pontes from Girl Charlee, but they didn't pill at all. Consequently, I ordered 5 yards of the black and 3 of the charcoal along with other goodies. Plus, they donate a buck from every purchase to help out foster kids.)

Day 3: Cut out pattern and fabric for Oliver + s Ruffled Halter.

Day 4: Worked on halter

Day 5: Finished halter and cut out Uptown/Downtown Dress

The ruffled halter is full of cuteness! (Between size small and medium.)

Fabric: Blue gingham upcycled from curtains from my old kitchen (from Walmart originally), and stolen from my mom's stash (I'm pretty sure). It ironed like it had polyester in it so I'm hoping it won't wrinkle very much.

Day 6: Finished Oliver + s Lullaby Layette Bodysuit for a friend. Size 6-12 months and my own version of flutter sleeves. They were 75% completed before KCW. There should be an unfinished project KCW!

I couldn't decide what color so I did three!

Fabric: Lisette poplin from Joann's red tag section

Day 7: Finished Uptown/Downtown Dress. It was a pretty slinky sweater knit, and the neckline is a bit to low to wear in public until Stella's a little bigger. I made a 5T according to her measurements. It'll work for a nightgown for now! Other than the neckline it fits well, so I've already cut out a modified version.

Fabric: Sweater knit from Girl Charlee (not there anymore)

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