Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pattern review: Oliver + s class picnic blouse

So this isn't a KCW post...it was actually sewn in May. I'm just now getting it posted, though, because I'm bad at posting stuff.

(About KCW where you sew an hour a day for your kids for a week - I'm actually participating this time! I'll do a wrap up post at the end of the week.)

I can't believe it took me this long to sew this pattern! Thankfully, the sizing is generous so I should be able to squeeze a year (or two) out of it for Stella. (More about the shorts here.)

pardon the wrinkles

Partners in crime.

Just catching butterflies...or Marvin the cat
Both the shorts and blouse were nice happy sews that didn't require too much thinking or learning any new skills. The blouse especially would be good for beginners. However, I wouldn't recommend sewing it up with this fabric combo for beginners. It made me swear a lot. (Although, since I sewed the bulk of it when the girls were awake, the swearing was unfortunately silent.) Shifty little....

After I finished it up on Memorial Day, Stella and I went on an adventure to a nursery and got some veggie starts and smelled all the roses, then we went to the grocery store and got supplies for a (just our little) family BBQ. It's fun to have unhurried adventures with one daughter at a time!

She picked snapdragons for her plot in the garden.

Unfortunately, while I was planting the veggie starts, I looked up to this:

Dirt angels and dirtcastles in case you were wondering. 
Amazingly, I didn't freak out, just reminded her she should also take off her new shorts. I still haven't washed them yet, they're sprayed with oxy-clean and I'm a little scared. Why must she immediately ruin clothing? Oh yes, because she's three. I keep reminding myself that being clean is not a high priority right now, and she keeps reminding me that she's my daughter. (I do remember a fun afternoon spent sliding between muddy rows of green beans when my dad questioned why we kept our clothes and rubber boots on and we had to be sprayed off with a hose outside. Oh, it was fun when the irrigation was close to the house.)

Pattern: Oliver + s Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts

Sizing: The shorts were spot on and the fit of the blouse was generous. I added an inch or so to it, but it didn't need it. (I sewed a 3T in the shorts and 4T in the blouse because Stella has a long torso and a little butt.)

Material used: Lawn (maybe?) and voile from a Lisette line at Joann's a couple years ago for the blouse and chambray from Joann's for the shorts.

Notions needed: 1/4" elastic for the top, 3/4" elastic for the shorts

Appropriately rated: Yes. Rated advanced beginner (although I think the blouse is beginner appropriate).

Time spent: Shorts were a two evening job, blouse a one evening project.

Modifications: None

Comments: Such a nice pattern! The shorts are worth the extra effort for the facings. The fit of the blouse was generous. It's a wonderful summertime outfit!

And now for some pictures of Charlotte since she gets pretty jipped as the receiver of hand-me-downs.

So full of spunk
Did you know this was a Carhartt ad? I wish.

Up, please! All. the. time. But she's so very cute...

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