Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lane raglan #1

Hey, I made myself something! It's a Lane Raglan from Hey June. This is my first attempt of the pattern and it's happily a wearable muslin. Hopefully, it'll be perfect with a couple tweaks.
This is linked up over at Pattern Revolution's Sew Yourself Some Love. I won a prize pack! 

I added wrist cuffs and a band at the bottom (per the pattern) after the pictures were taken but I was losing light and unsure what I wanted to do. This is a size large. I think I'll grade out to an XL around my food baby next time.

The fabric was fun for this one. My grandma died almost a year ago and she was a prolific sewer and fabric stasher. My aunts, mom and I went through her stash and I brought home bags of fabric. It was really neat to have that experience with my aunts -- there was yardage and scraps leftover from high school and their weddings! Some of what I brought home was really neat (a whole bag of Pendleton wool!!), and some of it I was immediately questioning why I brought it home.

This fabric was in the "good for muslins" category. The strip is a pretty old jersey with very little stretch, and the navy is actually nice stuff (probably ponte).

This is my "I don't know what to do with my hands" pose. Because I didn't know what to do with my hands.

This was my biggest problem with the pattern. What is all this extra fabric doing under my armpit? (Or this is my "I'm a monkey" pose. Either way.) How do I get rid of some of it? That will be the goal of my next muslin. My plan is to compare it to the plantain tee. Which I really like and will finish whenever I get around to switching thread colors on the serger.
Addendum: Almost immediately upon publishing this post, the updated Lane Raglan was released. I downloaded it and we'll see if it solves my fit issues.
The fitting issues of sewing clothes for me makes children's sewing a lot more appealing, but it's so fun to wear something I've made. I'm looking forward to alterations becoming a little easier.

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