Thursday, February 18, 2016

PR&P: Metallic hearts skirt

I wasn't planning on playing along with this week's theme over at project run & play. I don't have any glittery fabric or notions and I'm trying hard to stick to my sewing budget this year. No unnecessary fabric purchases! But then the stars aligned with a failed project for me and the need for a new skirt for Stella ...

Reflective tape hearts on a half-circle skirt!

I made the photo extra large because it's super blurry. Heheheh. (No, I haven't been drinking.) It's a half-circle skirt out of ponte de roma double knit from Urban Sew with a gray rib knit waistband. I cut the hearts out of reflective tape (from Joann's) that was leftover from failed running leggings. They are quite reflective.

This was why Stella needed a new twirly skirt. We went to a OSU Women's Basketball game for Valentine's Day and Stella was jealous of Charlotte's cheerleading outfit.
I'm not buying cheerleading outfits in bigger sizes because I'm trying to encourage the girls to love basketball and volleyball. It's totally backfiring. On the way home from they decided Charlotte was going to play basketball and Stella was going to cheer for her.

The only other photo of the skirt. I'm having trouble adjusting my camera's settings before the girls declare the photo session over.

The Beavers played well and beat Utah. It was a fun game to watch! They're doing really well this season.

These sisters have so much fun together. They kind of make my heart explode a lot.

Next week is the last week of PR&P and Kid's Clothes Week. I may just have to make something else! Maybe it's Charlotte's turn...


  1. Love this skirt, of course! Way to get creative on the Glitter theme.

  2. Yup, totally works! I bet she loves those shiny hearts--a great detail for a simple skirt.

    1. Thanks! She has worn it every time it's been clean, so that's a good sign :)