Thursday, February 4, 2016

PR&P: Nothing but Knit

Season 11 of Project Run & Play is here! The theme of week 1 is Nothing but Knit. Which is great, because I love sewing with knits. Stella wants to wear them, they're fast, easy and forgiving to sew, and I'm still in the honeymoon phase with my serger.

I let Stella guide the fabric choice and she chose a dress ("that is very twirly whirly, momma") from her options of dress, shirt and skirt. The pattern is the Uptown/Downtown Dress by Sew Straight and Gather (size 5) and the fabric is some I stole from my mom's stash awhile ago. It didn't melt on the cotton setting of my iron, so it's probably cotton. The pattern calls for quite a bit of stretch, and the fabric only had about 25% stretch, so I placed the pattern about an inch away from the fold line, gathered the middle front and pleated the middle back to gain a little wiggle room. I also wanted a puff sleeve, so I moved the sleeve about 3/4 inch away from the fold line and gathered it as well. Then I banded the sleeves instead of the self-lined sleeve the pattern called for. I forgot to cut the neckline higher than marked as previous dresses have been a little low-cut for my taste (no, Stella, you can't wear that to school, it shows your nipples), so I added a thick neckband that made it perfect.

A word about the pictures: Sorry. Kinda.

Getting Stella to put on a dress and take a posed picture after brushing and fixing her hair takes more caffeine than I had this morning. I was pretty happy when she wanted to put on the dress before breakfast (which is why she still has pj pants on) and then they started looking out the window (woohoo, natural light!).

This is real life folks. With blackberry jam on her face, and a little bit of pink eye.

(And your eyes aren't fooling you, she's a little cross-eyed. Thankfully the glasses correct it.)

Charlotte wears a sleepsack 50% of the time at home. She love loves them. Probably more than she loves us. When you put it on her in the evening, her thumb pops into her mouth and eyes start closing. It's magic.

Checking out the birds. And the neckline has a little gap-age, but this is probably my best neckline yet on a knit shirt.

The hair this morning was quite impressive.

I hope you take some time to watch the birds today!


  1. I love the pretty floral fabric you used, and it looks like she likes it, too!

  2. That knit is gorgeous, and I like the changes you made to the pattern. I had my daughters wear the first set of Uptown Downtown dresses that I made backwards because they had the same problem! I like the neckband solution though!

    1. Wearing them backwards is a great idea! I was so annoyed with myself for forgetting. Turned out well in the end, though.

  3. Sweet to see the kids looking outside, but it is also incredible to see that view of what they are actually gazing upon. Totally beautiful. :)

    1. Thanks! We love our view. It sold the house to us :)